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What We Do

Technical Services

Medical Gas Outlets

We understand that every area in a medical facility has its own unique demands. When our clients have chosen an equipment, we can help them plan for equipment space and even renovations. We help them consider the right location and any additional costs that may be needed for renovation or any changes to accommodate the new equipment. From the layout of the space to the mechanical and electrical considerations, our team of experts work with our clients to ensure the equipment will be installed in the right room.


We know that medical gas pipeline and equipment installations are no easy feat, it requires precision and skills. Aside from planning and designing, we also offer our expert installation services. Our medical equipment installation staff are properly trained to ensure that the job is done right and on time. All logistics are discussed with the clients to ensure that we minimize all possible disturbance to workflow.

During the installation process, we test at each stage until completion by carefully following strict protocols.

Testing & Commissioning

Aside from installing our own medical equipment, we also offer testing and commissioning. We can be commissioned to install and test medical equipment that our clients had procured from different suppliers. We can offer expert advice, consultancy, acceptance testing and installation supervision to help ensure that our clients get full value for their purchase.


With proper and regular monitoring, we help our clients control their repair costs and avoid costly and premature equipment replacement costs.

Our exceptional monitoring services, also proactively keep systems technically up-to-date. Our skilled engineers and technicians can easily detect and often correct medical equipment and software problems before they need larger and costly repairs.


Our maintenance packages are made to ensure that our clients get the highest quality of service at a reasonable price. We have qualified and reputable repair facility and expert technicians that work closely with our clients. We provide cost analysis in our repair evaluation and recommendations. We offer repair, replacement and upgrade options. Availing of our maintenance services is the best way to guarantee that products is always cared for by our expert technical personnel.


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