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Products We Offer



PSA Oxygen Generator

The IMT PO OnTouch Series offers the latest network technology that ensures access to oxygen.


Medical Gas Outlets

All products are from Ohio Medical, a leading manufacturer of high quality respiratory products based in USA.

Medical Gas Alarm

We offer the latest innovation: Medical Gas Color LCD Touch Screen Area Alarm – offers quick and easy set-up and crystal clear monitoring

Medical Gas Manifolds

It is available in a variety of header configurations to meet the needs for each application

Medical Gas Valves with Zone Valve Boxes

Zone valve boxes are available from single to quintuple configurations. Multiple valve boxes are available in 4″ and 6″ deep versions

Medical Vacuum Systems

We offer different types: Rotary Vane, Rotary Claw and Liquid Ring. Available in different capacity.


Medical Air Systems

We offer Oil-less Scroll, Oil-less Rotary Scroll, Oil-less Reciprocating and Non-NFPA Air system



We offer a wide range of Flowmeters for your needs: Amvex, 7700 Series, 6700 Series. Can be used for different…

Suction Regulators

We have different models available: Push-To-Set™, Ohio Medical Legacy and Amvex. Available in digital and analog gauge units

Gas Regulators

We have two models: Ohio Medical and Amvex. Available in Click style and Compact style

Oxygen Monitors & Analyzers

Our MINIOX3000 Oxygen Monitor is portable, easy to use, and is designed for in-line oxygen monitoring in hospital, home ventilator, NICU

Gas Fittings & Connectors

We have an assortment of quick connect medical gas adapters, connectors and fittings, such as Ohmeda, Chemetron, Puritan

Nurse Call Solutions

The Tacera Nurse Call Solution is developed and manufactured by Austco, a leading nurse call and communication systems provider.