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Oxytec Solutions Inc. celebrates with the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PHAPi) in their 39th Annual National Convention and Exhibition

November 26, 2018

Oxytec Solutions

As part of Oxytec Solutions’ drive for optimizing its vision, the company together with the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PHAPi) celebrated the 39th Annual National Convention and Exhibition last November 12-13, 2018 at the Manila Hotel.

The event featured several companies and healthcare professionals nationwide, advocating PHAPi’s theme of “Paradigm Shift on Healthcare Management: A New Perspective”.

In pursuing PHAPi’s objectives to promote general public welfare through the development of excellent and professional hospital care for the Filipinos, Oxytec Solutions showcased its world-class product lines and services through the help of its international partners: Ohio Medical, Inmatec, and Austco.

Ohio Medical for Medical Gas Pipeline System and Suction and Oxygen Therapy Equipment such as medical gas outlets, medical gas manifolds, medical gas alarm systems, oxygen flowmeters and suction regulators.

Inmatec for the Onsite Oxygen Generator System, and Austco for the Nurse Call System.

These brands contribute to PHAPi’s commitment for relevant and realistic hospital management and administration. They also ensure integrity and quality of products and services.

Oxytec Solutions became one of the major sponsors to further foster fellowship and unity among its members under the association. Also, other than promoting its brand – Oxytec Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Keith Suarez, reiterated on integrating the plan of action that will enable PHAPi members to procure medical supplies and equipment at reasonable prices at the event.

As Oxytec Solutions’ vision to offer sophisticated yet easy-to-use medical services and equipment for healthcare professionals and facilities, it is the company’s commitment to adapt its perspectives and meet the developing needs in the Philippine’s healthcare industry.